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Corporate flights

Corporate paragliding

Corporate flights – spend an exciting event with friends, family or colleagues! Guarantee You’ll get an unforgettable experience!
Корпоративные полетыWonder what the event to coincide with such an event?

  • stag or hen party;
  • birthday or anniversary;
  • thematic get-together with friends;
  • graduation from the school or institution;
  • organization of departure with colleagues;
  • March 8;
  • February 23;
  • New Year;
  • the birthday of Your company;
  • team building for raising the corporate spirit.

Корпоративные полеты на парапланеTherefore, the reason of corporate gifts is always there!

If You want to spend a unique and unforgettable corporate event in the fresh air in the company of his colleagues – we are ready to introduce Your team to the sky.

Corporate paragliding is a unique and incomparable event. Your team will definitely be something to remember after the flight, and certainly something will smile when viewing the video from the flight.

How to rally the team, increase motivation, strengthen team spirit, to create a close-knit working team?

Корпоративные полеты в ХарьковеTo overcome fears and phobias, to believe in themselves and move to new goals, you need to get out of the comfort zone. And armchairs office this is not very conducive. And in addition to quality work, we need quality rest. The rest, which will help employees to relax and at the same time to reach their unique potential. Committed to shared emotions and experiences. And leave lots of positive memories. Staff will share experiences with each other, and remember the brightest moments of the flight.
Corporate flying is the best way to unite employees, surprise business partners and superiors.
Order your corporate paragliding in Kharkov!