Школа парапланеризма ZaharoiFly - Обучение полетам на параплане


Paragliding school in Kharkov

You have already experienced a tandem flight with an instructor and want to learn to fly on their own? Or do you love the independence and freedom in everything and want to control a paraglider? Our paragliding school will help you with this. We offer several options for training in paragliding:

школа парапланеризма

A course in paragliding.

The paragliding course is designed for 40-50 hours. Classes are held both individually and in group. Here I will teach how to safely fly a paraglider. You will become familiar with theories and practices of paragliding. You will learn how to start, you will know what actions need to be carried out during the flight, and what better not to do it and also learn how to make a soft landing. The course can be divided into several sessions within 6 months. Flights are held at a convenient time for you, just coordinate it with the instructor. Also included are some flights with higher slopes. Payment in stages. Price: 12000 UAH.

Learning to paragliding in Kharkov held on the slopes of Cherkas’ka Lozova. There are all conditions to ensure that you can quickly learn to fly.
Training is conducted by experienced instructor with more plaque. Our club provides all equipment necessary for flight training, and after completion of the course, provides recommendations on equipment selection to ensure safe flight.
To record in our paragliding school you can simply call us by phone or leave a request on the website. We will answer all your questions and find a convenient time for you to training. Don’t miss your chance to learn to fly and experience the freedom of soaring birds with us!

Школа парапланеризма в ХарьковеOne introductory lesson in paragliding.

For 4-5 hours you will learn the basics of the theory and practice of paragliding and will try their hand at flying solo at the start of the earth. Cost: 700 UAH.

One introductory paragliding lesson for two.

Go training with a friend and get a lot of positive emotions from one another’s successes and mistakes. The lesson lasts 4 to 5 hours. Cost: 1100 UAH.