ZaharioFly - Полёты на параплане в тандеме с инструктором, обучение полётам в Харькове


Flying in tandem with an instructor

Flying in tandem with an instructor

Independent flights from the slope

Independent flights from the slope

VIP Flight

VIP Flight

Corporate flights

Corporate flights

Any service You can buy as a gift!

You can get the certificate in our office or by courier.
If you want to buy a certificate as a gift, specify it when ordering.

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Why Us?

ZaharioFly – the official organizer of paragliding in tandem in Kharkov.

Professional instructor pilots with extensive flight experience.

transfer TO the FLIGHT
You will be unnecessarily worried about how to get to the place of flights.

We have the lowest prices among competitors.

special offers
For regular customers there is a 10% discount on any service.

Now you can give an unforgettable experience to family and friends.

About us

“Once you’ve tasted flight, your eyes will be forever fixed in the sky. Having been there once, for a lifetime you are destined to miss him.”

Leonardo da Vinci

I guess many of us in childhood dream about flying. Remember those unforgettable sensations? Joy, delight, incredible lightness and good mood for the whole day were provided. Would like to feel it all again? With paragliding it is possible!

What should I expect?

After you sign up for the flight, we will contact you and confirm the date, time and the desired program. After that you need to arrive at the specified time on paradron, get a little coaching, and “Go!”.

If this is your first time or have no confidence, it is better to choose a tandem flight with an instructor. No special skills for paragliding with an instructor is not required, the main thing is to listen carefully and to follow the instructions of the pilot. The passenger and the pilot are fastened to a special suspension system that will provide necessary security and convenience in the air. Using the winch is tightened to the selected height and begins a smooth descent. Fans of extreme rest will be able to fully enjoy the flight in tandem with an instructor with acrobatics elements with heights up to 900 m.

Those who are confident in their capabilities, we can offer to make solo flights from the slope. So you will be able to fully experience their freedom in the sky.

Feel all the essence of paragliding is possible during prolonged flight at high altitudes for a purpose. All restrictions on the range and the duration will be removed if you choose the program VIP flightas it is in any weekday for one person.

You can also purchase a gift certificate for the flight and to please a loved one an original gift that will be remembered for a long time.

For those who can’t live without the sky and wants to commit to that, we have a paragliding schoolwhere we teach all the necessary skills and tricks.

A nice bonus to a wonderful pastime will be that all flights are recorded on video, reviewing which you will be able to share feelings with friends and more time to remember how it was.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is safe. The main thing is to listen carefully to the instructor and to follow all its instructions. All machinery and equipment of high quality and certified. Before each flight all will be checked, spare parachutes pereplitayutsya. Instructors have a large RAID, and that the weather changes, is monitored by an experienced specialist.

When do the flights take place?

The season for paragliding is the warm time of the year but in winter (weather permitting) we fly. In case of strong wind (more than 5 m/s), precipitation, low cloud or mist possible to transfer the event to another date.

Are there any restrictions?

Flight is a gift you can buy almost anyone. But restrictions still exist. To start not open to people in a state of intoxication, with disorders in the musculoskeletal, nervous and cardiovascular systems, as well as pregnant women and children weighing up to 25 kg.

Where you can fly?

Paragliding Kharkov has several paradromic:

– “Distant Hills” – the hills next to the Cherkas’ka Lozova (North of Kharkov);

– “Near the Hill” – a twist on the Cherkasy Lozovaya;

– “The pit” – V. Lozova;

– “Stonehenge” – Dergachi.

Still have questions? Call or email us and we will dispel all your doubts. If they are finished, feel free to sign up for the flight and my friend did not forget!